Matthew Fleming

Matt Fleming began his Martial Arts Journey at 6 years old after being inspired by the Power Rangers. He began in Tae Kwon Do, where he reached the level of third degree, completing in many international events and being ranked as a top 10 fighter.  At the age of 10, he began teaching junior students.

At 12, while looking for a new challenge, Matt began training in Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, and MMA.  During this time, on two occasions, he had the opportunity to compete on an international level in Kickboxing at the IKF event in Florida. He also had the opportunity to learn and train with many fighters who are now amateur and Pro MMA fighters, many of whom competed in Bellator, Strikeforce and the UFC.

Matt has achieve the rank of brown belt in Jiu-jitsu under Master Pedro Sauer. He has competed and placed in many IBJJF events in both Gi and No-Gi, as well Naga, Newbreed, Rupture and Pro-Star. He continues to increase his skills through regular training and seminars. He began teaching youth BJJ at 14 and continues teaching today, while perfecting his skills and ability while helping younger students to reach and surpass their goals.

Along with having achieved rank in TKD, Matt has also earned a 1st degree rank in kickboxing. He also has the rank of 1st Degree in the Joe Lewis System. He is currently pursuing a degree in Exercise Science and Psychology. He has a 7-0 record in kickboxing since moving to the adult ranks and is 2-2 in MMA, as well as being a 2017 Golden Gloves Champion. He won his 1st title belt on 02/29/2020 and now holds the title of Men’s North Carolina Interstate IKF Cruiserweight Champion.

During his high school years Matt was a 4 yr. starter on his wrestling team and in the off season competed in both freestyle and Greco. He even earned the opportunity to compete at the Fargo Nationals representing Texas in both events. Matt continues to enjoy his wrestling training and applies it to both his BJJ and MMA.

Matt earned his nickname “The Disciple” from his instructor in Wing Chun/Kali for his lifelong dedication to the principles and disciplines of the martial arts way.