Meghan Helms

Meghan is an encouraging and inspiring teacher who is passionate about her yoga practice. She wants everyone to leave her classes feeling empowered, accomplished, and most of all feeling loved and an important part of something bigger than all of us. Meghan first found yoga in 2006 but it didn’t become a bigger part of her life until a few years later, when yoga became the perfect compliment to her training as a runner. Yoga started to grow roots in her routine as a stepping stone toward self care and wellness. Over the years, yoga wove its way into her mind, body, actions and thoughts and has become something Meghan wouldn’t want to live without. With a strong desire to help others, Meghan became a reiki practitioner in 2015. She knew she wanted to dig deeper and, after several years of feeling called to become a yoga teacher, she completed her 200 hour teacher training and created Inner Spirit Healing.

Meghan is one of 4M’s Affiliate Trainers, visit her affiliate page by  CLICKING HERE