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Forming First Responder Team

Boxing Teams – Home of ESPO Boxing & WCG Boxing Society

We are a Registered Local Boxing Club with USA Boxing for Amateur Boxing 

  • 2017 Novice Golden Glove Champion Matthew Fleming
  • 2017 Novice Golden Glove Champion Stephen Naas


Home of Professional Boxers

  • LaVonte Earley (6-0)


  LaVonte “The World Class Gentleman” Earley

“World Class comes from my belief in true quality at all times in every situation. Gentleman stems from my character, the man that I am, as well as the man I strive everyday to be. What is a Gentleman to me? I feel that its much more than just opening doors and saying please and thank you, even though chivalry does play a big part in who I am, it’s assuming the responsibility of being the absolute best version of yourself that you can be. In turn, having a positive effect on the ones around you. That’s what I’m all about.” ~WCG~
LaVonte “The World Class Gentleman” Earley was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Throughout his younger years, he played every sport from baseball to football, without ever really finding a sport that felt like home. At 16 he was introduced to boxing at Charlotte Boxing Academy, training under Boxing Hall of Fame Coach Al Simpson, and immediately took to the sweet science.  An ambidextrous athlete, he started out as a southpaw, later transitioning into a traditional orthodox stance. He went on to win his first Golden Gloves tournament at 17, and continued his amateur career to win the Golden Gloves a total of 5 times, as well as winning the Georgia Games tournament twice. Training with coach Head Coach Adam Esposito since 2014, LaVonte decided that he would take his craft to the next level. Turning professional in June of 2016, LaVonte is now 6-0.

 4M MMA Teams 

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Matthew “The Disciple” Fleming

Amateur MMA & Kickboxing