4M Fitness

Trans-4M-Ation Challenge

2018 Fitness Trans-4M-ation Challenge

It takes 66 days to form a habit, a little over 9 weeks.
It takes 4 weeks for you to see the physical results of your healthy changes
It takes 8 weeks for your friends & family to see the physical results of your healthy changes.

On Saturday January 13th we will have Registration and “Starting Balance” (Initial Weigh In and Body Composition Analysis).

You can Arrive anytime from 10 AM – 12 Noon.  If you can not make it on the 13th, you will have until 1/20 to register and weigh in.  Please email robyn@4mfit.com to schedule your weigh in.

The “Final Balance” will be Saturday Morning on March 17th – St. Patricks Day!

This is a 9 Week Period.  Weeks 3 and 6 will include a Check In on Body Fat & Muscle Mass.

For 4M Fitness Members this will be free

For Non Members to Join the Challenge & Have Access for the Facility and Every Class From Now Until March 17th:

• $275 for Single
• $400 for Family

The Contest will be based off
• Fat % Lost
• Muscle % Gained

It’s Not about Weight Loss – It is about being more healthy

There will be 4 winners
• Male – Age Range 1 (Age ranges will be determined after registration is completed)
• Male – Age Range 2
• Female – Age Range 1
• Female – Age Range 2

2018 Trans-4M-Ation Challenge