Lil’ Champs

The Lil Champs class is meant for the young and small children. In this class we work with 4-8 year old girls and boys until they are ready to move onto the Kids Class. Incorporating basic Jiu Jitsu warm ups, animal warm ups, and basic self-defense techniques, this class will develop gross motor skills and teaching the students effective ways to deal with strangers, other kids, and any dangerous situations they may encounter. Our goal for these students is to provide them a safe and healthy environment to make new friends and develop lifesaving skills while having fun!

Target Age:
4 – 8 Years Old
Kids Jiu Jitsu Program Available for older ages. These are general age ranges.  The coaches can recommend that a child move to another class based on skill, maturity and coach discretion.

This class utilizes a Jiu Jitsu Gi.  One will be loaned to you for first classes.

The Lil Champs program is run by Coach Matt