Kids’ Jiu Jitsu

The Kids Program follows the Pedro Sauer Kids System that implements simple and effective Self- Defense techniques, as well aspects and techniques of competitive Jiu Jitsu. The students will develop body mechanics, balance, and flexibility while getting a unique workout that you can only get through training Jiu Jitsu. The students will also have opportunities to compete in a sport that has a positive attitude and focuses on self-development. The students in the 4M Kids Jiu Jitsu program will develop self-confidence, healthy habits, and build friendships that can last a life time. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about self-discovery and improvement while learning how to defend yourself when moments call for it.

Target Age:
9 – 16 Years Old
Lil Champs Program Available for Younger Ages. These are general age ranges.  The coaches can recommend that a child move to another class based on skill, maturity and coach discretion.

This class utilizes a Jiu Jitsu Gi.  One will be loaned to you for first classes.

The Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is run by Professor Diego and Coach Matt