Professional, Amateur & Boxing Technique

Target Age:
15 and up
Please note that age in the Adult classes is a recommended guideline & others may be allowed to take class with the Trainer’s approval.  Kids’ Boxing is offered for younger ages.


This class utilizes Boxing Gloves, Boxing Shoes, and Mouthpieces.  For sparring, headgear is also used.
Members should utilize their own shoes, gloves, headgear & mouthpieces.  For new members we will loan gloves, and headgear.  Mouthpieces are sold at the front desk, as are gloves.  If someone does not have boxing shoes, sneakers that have not been worn outside (tracking dirt, sand, pebbles, etc. where others are barefoot) will be permitted on the mats.
Boxing is done on mats, on the heavy bags &/or in the boxing ring.

Boxing Trainers include Coach Von and Coach Stevie