4M Fitness


  Our Boxing program offers something for everyone, regardless of experience and desired results.  

  • The Cardio Boxing classes in the bag rack offer a high calorie burn during a full body workout.  These classes are easily modified for your fitness level and provide a workout that has little impact on your lower body.
  • The Advanced classes, part of our Technique membership, is designed to improve your boxing technique, knowledge and contact.
  • Additionally, we house an Amateur Team and a Professional Team of boxers who are trained by our coaching staff and compete representing 4M Fitness.


  A message from Adam Esposito, the Director of Boxing and Head Coach of our Amateur and Professional teams at 4M Fitness…

I am very excited to be part of the 4M family.  I will be heading up the boxing part of the gym.  Some might know me as “Espo Boxing” and have followed my team and I the last 4 years. I am very excited and gracious to be given the opportunity to call 4M Fitness the new home of Espo Boxing in North Carolina. 

Boxing, also known as the “sweet science,” is a sport that goes back to the ancient Greek and Roman times.  Boxing is a hand to hand combat sport that involves 2 people against one another in a boxing ring.  Each boxer strategically punches his opponent within the time allotted and the rules given. The length of minutes in the round along with the amount rounds in a fight differ from the professional and amateur levels.  It is the beautiful display of grace, fluidness, discipline and so much more which has made boxing such a popular sport for such a long time. 

I can go on typing more of the history of the sport but what I find most beautiful about boxing is this one question: What does boxing mean to you?  Over the years, I have met people and I have heard personal stories about what boxing means to them. Not everyone is going to be a fighter. Not everyone is interested in the top boxers of today and follow the sport as a fan. I know people, who credit boxing with saving their lives by getting them off the streets.  Boxing has given them a chance to change the person they were.  I know people who say boxing has saved their lives because they used boxing as an outlet from a fitness perspective. Making boxing part of their life has caused them to lose a lot of weight and live a healthy lifestyle. 

I can guarantee that you can walk into a boxing gym and you will hear some great stories of what boxing means to them.  At 4M Fitness we will have both amateur and professional teams.  We are looking to continue the success of Espo Boxing, where we will compete in boxing matches and represent both Espo Boxing and 4M Fitness with class, hard work, and true professionalism.

One mind, One Spirit, One Heartbeat.

Adam Esposito