Diego Guilhermino

Diego Guilhermino

1st Degree Black Belt – Gracie Petropolis Jiu Jitsu

Diego was born in Brazil and like all Brazilians was passionate about sports, before his Jiu Jitsu career began he practiced Capoeira and taught children in public schools for more than 10 years in his hometown of Petrópolis in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

His passion for Jiu Jitsu began in 1996 with the fights of legend Royce Gracie who demonstrated the superiority of the gentle art. He started with Jiu Jitsu in 2007 at Gracie Petropólis with head instructor Breno Angelo fourth degree black belt, student of Rolker Gracie, head instructor at Gracie Humaitá Brazil. Diego reconciled Jiu Jitsu’s training with Capoeira, but in 2008 he decided to dedicate exclusively to Jiu Jitsu with theintention of becoming professional as a way to express his philosophy and ideas in a constructive way to the society.

Diego Guilhermino

Always on the mats Diego had achieved the impressive mark of winning more than 70 medals at state, national and international level such as the FJJ-Rio State Championship, the IBJJF South American of Jiu Jitsu and the IBJJF International Open No-Gi. His presence in seminars, meetings and camps are certainties, having participated in major Jiu Jitsu events with Pedro Sauer, Relson Gracie, Rolker Gracie and others. Among his many medals and achievements, the greatest of them was to receive from his master, the same one from the first steps, the black belt on September 19, 2014, one day before completing seven years of Jiu Jitsu becoming the black belt from Gracie Petrópolis with least amount training time.  Diego, introduced the foundation class at Gracie Petrópolis with the intention of presenting others benefits of Jiu Jitsu to beginners that goes beyond the martial art. More than a thousand students have learned in these fundamentals classes and his athlete side is also well used and appreciated by his team. He is responsible for the classes focused on competitions, helping Gracie Petrópolis to become the Gracie Humaitá branch with the greatest number of participants and medalists. His teaching career was just beginning when he was invited to teach the Jiu Jitsu that he loves in Abu Dhabi schools Jiu Jitsu program in United Arab Emirates.  After a year and a half later he decided to return to Brazil with the dream of owning his gym.

His specialty is the half-guard, a position in which he demonstrates total domain and was inspired by athletes like Bernardo Faria and Roberto Correa, also known as “gordo”, besides being distinguished by his arm locks. However, Diego always show great resourcefulness in practically any Jiu Jitsu classic techniques as well as modern ones, both executing them or teaching. Diego who, in addition to have a regular presence in championships as an athlete, also always represents his team as a coach serving as support for athletes in competitions, owner of a calm and assertive way always encouraging his athletes without failing to point out their faults and help correct them, his attitude on and off the mat has always been recognized by all as being a great example for both beginners and more experienced creating winning athletes and enthusiastic practitioners.

In 2010, Diego was honored by the city council as the best athlete of the city of Petrópolis, in competition with athletes of all modalities of the city.

He is always involved with social causes promoting Jiu Jitsu special classes with the intention of collecting food for poor communities and charities. Diego is known to be delighted by Jiu Jitsu and the benefits that generates to the practitioner thus becoming a great captivator and having as his philosophy, the philosophy of the Gracie family which he represents, faithfully since 2007. Taking as its motto that every black belt has to understand the size of his importance and his acts, its essential to goes beyond giving belts, it´s about being a character trainer, an inspirer, a motivator.



  • First Jiu-Jitsu Practice


  • Second place Brazilian Beginner`s Championship
  • Awarded to blue belt


  •  State Champion FJJ-Rio


  • Awarded to purple belt
  • State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio


  • Third place South American IBJJF
  • 2x State Champion FJJ-Rio


  • Second place State No-Gi FJJ-Rio
  • Second place Rio International Open IBJJF


  • Awarded to brown Belt
  • 2x State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio
  • Third place Rio International Open IBJJF
  • Start as instructor on Gracie Petrópolis


  • Awarded to black belt
  • State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio
  • Second place Floripa Open IBJJF


  • 3x State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio
  • Start as Instructor in Abu Dhabi School Jiu-jitsu program


  • Open weight champion on Pan-American SJJSAF


  • Third place State FJJ-Rio
  • 4x State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio


  • Second place Rio International Open No-Gi IBJJF