Colleen Moss

Colleen Moss is the founder and owner of Thrive Yoga, a company established to bring the benefits of yoga to everyone, especially athletes of all levels. As a life long competitive athlete, Colleen understand the competitive athletes drive and focus She began her competitive journey at the age of 5 in competitive gymnastics. Concluding with her medaling in the Junior Olympics at the age of 12, the following year she seriously injured her knee which concluding further Olympic dreams. She moved into competitive cheerleading, high school volleyball, diving and martial arts.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health from Slippery Rock University and went on to earn a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from West Virginia University. Colleen then entered one of the most competitive careers, federal law enforcement, where she served 22 years before retiring. During her career she became certified as a Defensive Tactics Instructor and General Police Instructor.

 After the birth of her second child, she discovered yoga as a form of exercise and fell in love the focus on balancing strength and flexibility. She continued to practice over the next 10 years as a student, and after retiring, became a certified yoga instructor.


Colleen’s goal is to help anyone who has the desire achieve their dreams & goals, whether as a competitive athlete or in our competitive lives. She has continuing education certifications to include receiving her 500HR – Yoga Teacher Training (500-YTT) certification in December 2020. Her focus of instruction is Stretch & Recovery Coaching. She has certificates in Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Anatomy, and Yoga for

Athletic Recovery. She has worked with professional & ammeter boxers and MMA fighters; college football and baseball players; High School athletes including baseball, soccer, basketball, track & field , gymnastics , jut-jitsu, wrestling and cheerleading and all types of weekend warriors from Spartan Racers, triathletes, cyclists and marathoners.